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What is epoxy drain relining or (CIPP) Cured-in-Place Pipe?

The epoxy is a two-parts resin mixed together and then poured into a felt liner or structural sleeve which has an inflatable device inside of it. Very much like a linear shaped balloon. 

The pipe is prepared and fully examined by a CCTV drain survey to map and identify its total condition and then is thoroughly cleaned by high-pressure water jetting.

The epoxy liner and its inflatable device is then inserted into the total run of the pipe, covering the exact position to be cured into a new pipe.  The balloon is then inflated and compresses the resin-soaked liner tightly against the original pipe.  Once the resin has cured the balloon is removed leaving a perfect mould which replaces the original pipe making it totally redundant, or you could say, it has made a new pipe within the old pipe. 

The new cured in-place pipe is now a strong and durable replacement which will last for 50 years or longer.  CIPP technology is a fast and economic solution to pipe fixes and replacements. It is totally trenchless which mean no need for inconvenient excavations, noise and disturbances.  

Trenchless Drain Relining (CIPP) Technologies  
Drain Relining (CIPP) 

Consideration of other factors like pipe sizes, length of run, resin types, environment, traffic management, will affect the price range.  It is always best to have a chat with a few drainage services companies for a personalised quotation.