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The first ever AniME movie is here! Welcome to Psycho-Pass! Shuya is a boy who is suffering from a trauma that still seems fresh in his mind. Traumatized by his mother’s death, he sets off to capture criminals with his makeshift rifle. And when these criminals start killing, there is no stopping him. And so he is given the weapon to make him a super-cop. With this task, he must capture criminals who have committed mass murder. He has to work as the new Psycho-Cops. Shuya is also a very introverted person. Despite this, he has to be strong and save the city. Despite his serious problem, the other officers still have a crush on him. Each of them will try to protect Shuya. But who do you like? Just like in the anime, Psycho-Pass is a very dark and serious anime. However, it contains several episodes full of comedy. So I recommend you watch it with an open mind. It’s the best comedy anime ever! Psycho-Pass- is a story that is very similar to the original anime. It takes place at the time of Anima and the crime rate has gone up. The police have just been upgraded from a cell with three officers to a cell with 30. In the Anima Computer System, a new law has been introduced. The “Psycho-Cops”, are the members who look for criminals who have committed mass murders. Their power lies in the device known as the Pulse. The Pulse goes through the nervous system of people and analyses it. Each Pulse scan will take three minutes, and in that time, the police can use their hands to punch or kick. They can also have a scratch or a bite. Basically, their power is “grafting”. However, for this, they have to use a special code to activate it. The code is the combination of the victim’s fingerprints and retina. In the anime, there are three fields: A- The Crime Synergy Field: This is the crime committed by the criminal. Usually, the crime is the main point in this field. It also has a large range. B- The Victim Factors Field: This is the victim’s physical condition. A person with high level



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